Use the testbed

Co-ordinated tests in clinical settings

Support and services – from initial idea to functional product, service or organizational solution.

Partnership for innovation

We welcome innovators

We welcome innovators in the field of radiotherapy and medical technology. From the industry, academia or healthcare sector. With an eye toward the Swedish or the international market.

Innovations that are to be used in healthcare must be tested in a clinical environment before they can be launched. We can support small and large companies in all phases – from initial idea to complete innovation.

The testbed can also capture the healthcare system's own ideas of how radiotherapy can be developed and quality assured.

How does it work?

A gateway to the university hospitals

The testbed paves the way for co-ordinated tests in clinical settings at all university hospitals in Sweden.

This provides access to
  • patient populations from all over the country
  • a variety of user environments
  • cutting edge expertise.
Also offering
  • a national database solution for effective analysis
  • MRI-based radiotherapy
  • QA for MRI-based radiotherapy
  • positioning and immobilization standards
  • adaptive radiotherapy
  • showcase for international marketing.

Tests and trials

In all phases of development

In the testbed, products, services and organisational solutions are evaluated in all phases of development. The tests can be more or less extensive, with or without patients.

The testbed has a broad range of applications – evaluating advanced technology, new treatment methods, patient surveys and workflows. We are conducting literature studies, concept testing, prototype development and clinical trials, among other things.

Different types of tests

Support and services

Guidance throughout the process

Our primary offer is access to the clinical environment, but higher requirements imposed on medical technology by authorities mean there is a need for more services.

The testbed offers guidance throughout the process – from the first assessment of ideas to final product, service or organisational solution. We can for example assist with national project coordination, health economics analysis, legal advice, regulatory knowledge and documentation. A showcase provides the opportunity to show how the innovation works in practice.