Uniform database solution provides comparable radiotherapy data

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy is developing a system for the automatic transfer of information on how patients are treated with radiotherapy to a database that can be linked to diagnosis-specific quality registers.

The system includes local intermediate storage at each hospital, known as MIQA, which can also function as a research database.

– The idea is to combine information on radiation doses and radiated volumes from patients’ therapy with information in the quality register. This gives a clearer link between radiation dose and outcome – and can lead to more individualised treatment with better results, explains Anders Gustafsson, Cureos AB, who is developing software for processing and transferring radiotherapy data to the national quality register.

The goal is access to uniform – and thereby comparable – nation-wide radiotherapy data; something that did not previously exist. The work has attracted interest – both within Sweden and internationally.

The system has been tested with simple test cases, and the technology works. More extensive testing in a clinical settings in Umeå, Uppsala and Kalmar will begin soon. A standard nomenclature for organs at risk and target volumes have already been produced and will soon be distributed. Project manager Anders Montelius will speak about the work at Onkologidagarna [an oncology conference] in Eskilstuna in March.

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