Clinical testing – faster, easier and more effective

– The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy allows us to test innovations in clinical settings faster, simpler and more effectively. Development times are shortened as we see if products actually meet the needs of the healthcare settings, says Jonas Gårding, Director of Research & Physics at Elekta.

Elekta is part of the group of healthcare providers and companies that is currently developing the Testbed.

– The great value for the industry is getting close to the clinic and the patients. An advanced technological innovation can become unusable simply by not fitting into the intended context.

Jonas Gårding says that there is a more direct feedback channel for all involved parties. The Testbed is a meeting place, a forum where healthcare providers and industry can exchange ideas and unite in developing innovative concepts.

An advanced technological innovation is useless if it does not fit into the healthcare workflow.

– The Testbed gives us greater insight. Now we can see if our products actually meet the needs of the healthcare settings. We avoid developing the wrong things.

Raises the company’s research level further

– For us companies this is an opportunity to further raise the level of our research, both in respect of quality and innovation, says Jonas Gårding.

– And personally I think it’s important that all Swedish university hospitals work with medical technology companies in order to provide better radiotherapy for Swedish patients.

Elekta is involved in all projects currently underway to create the Testbed: MRI-based radiotherapy, QA for MRI-based radiotherapy, National database solution, Positioning and immobilization, Adaptive radiotherapy, and International showcase.