The radiotherapy collaboration grows – more hospitals are joining in

– We would obviously like to have all Swedish hospitals involved – university and county hospitals. It is a way of using the expertise around the country, as we master different fields, says Principal Project Manager of the Swedish Testbed Björn Zackrisson.

The county hospitals in Kalmar, Jönköping and Sundsvall have all stated that they are interested in joining the national testbed organization.

Over the past two years, the development of the Testbed has really picked up steam. From initially including the seven Swedish university hospitals and a number of larger and smaller companies, the door has now also been opened for county hospitals.

Creates an international competitive edge

A contributing reason for the collaboration has been the Swedish hospitals’ difficulties measuring up to international competition. But with all hospitals united, Björn Zackrisson forecasts a very different situation.

– I think we’ll become a real heavyweight. We offer different testing environment with different treatment procedures and structures.