Seven hospitals, one study – reactions positive

– The patient questionnaire allowed us to test under pressure how the testbed was organised and people collaborated well. There are good contact persons on each hospital, namely the nurses doing the coordinating.

Kristina Finnilä is satisfied with the first stage of the questionnaire validation study which she is carrying out as part of the sub-project Positioning and immobilization. 937 questionnaires were distributed to seven hospitals and 820 completed questionnaires were collected in. This is a response rate of 87.5%.

Nurses coordinate

– This is a good result. This is partly because the questionnaires were distributed and collected in on the same day, but that is not the whole reason. We knew from past experience that most hospital departments have a high response rate. There are good contact persons – the nurses doing the coordinating – on every hospital site, says Kristina Finnilä.

Most patients contented

The aim of the questionnaire study was to validate the questions but it also provided other information. One discovery was that most patients are very contented with their radiation therapy and have a great deal of confidence in the medical staff.

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