National database solution

Comparable radiotherapy data

This project will result in a tool for reporting and evaluating large quantities of data on radiotherapy. With this new database solution, Sweden will be an optimal environment for evaluating new technologies.

The goal is to provide the healthcare sector, researchers and companies access to uniform, and thereby comparable, radiotherapy data from across the country. This is not possible at present, as the information is spread across different databases that cannot be run simultaneously in an effective manner.

Interlinking the country’s databases

This project will create a national system for the automatic reporting of quality data from radiotherapy to national quality registers. This involves ensuring the technical requirements for interlinking various local and national database systems are met. The software required to effectively extract and analyse data will also be developed.

Uniform language results in comparable data

Another fundamental problem is the lack of a uniform language for radiotherapy data. Various parameters such as diagnosis, location, treatment method, tumours and organs at risk can vary between hospitals and even within one and the same hospital.

New standard published

The project has therefore developed a standardised Swedish nomenclature for anatomical structures and target volumes in collaboration with the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, which is responsible for publishing. The authority recommends that all radiotherapy operations use the nomenclature in order to create uniform data and increase patient safety.

Participants in the project include representatives for Sweden’s university hospitals, Cureos, Elekta, ScandiDos, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Regionala Cancer Centers and INCA (INformation network for CAncer care).