Adaptive radiotherapy

Model for clinical practise

Adaptive radiotherapy means the adaptation of treatment based on the changes that take place in the tumour and in the patient’s body in general. It allows for a more effective and safer radiation treatment. This project is developing methods to increase the efficiency of the process so that it can be implemented on a larger scale.

At present, radiotherapy is often administered for 5-7 weeks – with no adaptations to changes in the tumour or the patient’s body. In the future, however, radiotherapy will better follow the geometrical changes in the body, patients’ movements during treatment and how the body responds to the treatment. So that this adaptive radiotherapy will become reality in everyday clinical life, a well-defined workflow is required.

Participants in the project include representatives for the university hospitals in Uppsala, Umeå, Skåne and Göteborg and the companies Elekta, Scandidos, Naslund Medical and Micropos Medical.