Jonas Gårding, Elekta, The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy

Clinical testing – faster, easier and more effective

– The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy allows us to test innovations in clinical settings faster, simpler and more effectively. Development times are shortened as we see if products actually meet the needs of the healthcare settings, says Jonas Gårding, Director of Research & Physics at Elekta.

MRI in radiotherapy — Is it time to rethink the current radiotherapy fixation solutions?

Is it time to rethink current radiotherapy fixation solutions?

The introduction of MR as a tool for treatment planning and the extensive use of image-guided radiotherapy offer a timely opportunity for innovations in the area of fixation solutions. A key requirement, besides compatibility with MR, should be the patient-friendliness.

Radiation therapy collaboration Sweden

The radiotherapy collaboration grows – more hospitals are joining in

– We would obviously like to have all Swedish hospitals involved – university and county hospitals. It is a way of using the expertise around the country, as we master different fields, says Principal Project Manager of the Swedish Testbed Björn Zackrisson.

The report MR in radiotherapy – an important step towards personalised treatment? is authored by SSM’s scientific council on ionizing radiation within oncology.

New report on the potential of MRI in radiation therapy

A new report from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SMM) states that the implementation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in modern radiotherapy holds great promise for the future. There are many functional MR-methods available and their working potential is immense. 

PET/MR Uppsala University Hospital

Better diagnosis and treatment using Uppsala’s new PET/MR

– Using an integrated PET/MR camera we can make more efficient and faster diagnoses. It also helps us select the right therapy and quickly assess the effects of the treatment, says Håkan Ahlström at Uppsala University Hospital.

2014 National Medical Radiation Physics Conference

2014 National Medical Radiation Physics Conference

Tufve Nyholm, project leader within the Testbed, speaks on the subject of a national quality register for radiotherapy during the 2014 National Medical Radiation Physics Conference. The conference takes place on 12-14 November in Vann, outside Lysekil.


The first PET/MR camera in Umeå is formally introduced

The first PET/MR camera is now being introduced at the Cancer Centre at the University Hospital of Umeå. This marks an important addition to the testing environment and provides new opportunities for developing personalised cancer treatment.