New Swedish standard for radiotherapy data

There is now a standardised Swedish nomenclature for radiotherapy. It provides the healthcare sector, researchers and companies with a common language. Uniform and comparable national data is thus created.

New software and a common language

The work with the nomenclature is part of the testbed’s scientific project “Uniform database solution”, which is creating a tool to report and evaluate large quantities of data. The goal is to create access to uniform national radiotherapy data. The Swedish standard has been harmonised with published international standards.

Within the sub-project, work is being carried out to ensure the technical requirements for interlinking local databases and the national quality register for cancer (INCA) are met. The software required to effectively extract and analyse data will also be developed.

Prerequisites for effective analysis

All of these initiatives are necessary in order to compare large quantities of radiotherapy data and draw statistically valid conclusions – a prerequisite for driving effective research, clinical evaluation and reporting.

The standardised nomenclature is also motivated by Sweden’s acquisition of a proton therapy facility, the Skandion Clinic, where all Swedish university hospitals will collaborate with common systems for dose planning and oncological information.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is publishing the nomenclature and has financed the work together with the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy. A national reference group has developed the nomenclature under the guidance of physician Anders Montelius.

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