New Swedish nomenclature adopted by 12 of 15 clinics

Twelve of Sweden’s 15 radiotherapy clinics have begun to implement the new standardized Swedish nomenclature for external radiotherapy. Eight clinics have already fully implemented the nomenclature. A common nomenclature is a prerequisite for generating comparable national data.

– The results for external radiotherapy are encouraging and point to the great advantages of standardization, says Anders Montelius, who led the initiative to develop the nomenclature.

Provides comparable data

Standardized nomenclature generates comparable data – a prerequisite for benefitting from the new national quality assessment register for radiotherapy.

Eight clinics work with brachytherapy. Three of them have begun to implement the nomenclature.

– It’s fully understandable that priority was given to implementation of external radiotherapy over brachytherapy since we don’t include the latter treatments in the database yet. That will come a little later, says Anders Montelius.

The standardized Swedish nomenclature for radiotherapy is part of the Swedish Testbed project National Database Solution, headed by hospital physicist Anders Montelius, Uppsala University Hospital.