New linear accelerator up and running at Karolinska University Hospital

– This will allow studies to be less site-dependent and means we can instead work anywhere in Sweden, says Chief Physician Mattias Hedman, head of the Stockholm node of the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy.

A patient with prostate cancer was the first to be treated with the new linear accelerator which was introduced at Stockholm South General Hospital this week. The equipment will be used clinically as well as in research and is an important addition to the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy.

– If the collaboration of the Testbed works as intended, we can for example help colleagues around the country with protocols that they would like to run, says Mattias Hedman, Chief Physician at Karolinska University Hospital, to which the Oncology Department at Stockholm South General Hospital belongs.

New device makes studies possible

The linear accelerator is part of Elekta’s contribution as business partner in the group that has been formed to develop the Testbed.

– The number of patients in line for our other equipment is so high that it is hard to allow them to be used for research – we simply need them full time for treating patients. This device allows us to devote time to studies, says Mattias Hedman.

Increased patient involvement

Initially the new linear accelerator will be used to give patients radiotherapy, but as early as next spring a number of research projects are expected to be underway.

– For example, we want to examine various forms of palliative treatment in order to investigate the patient’s experience of treatment connected to a specific diagnosis. We want to know how the treatment has worked and what the patient’s experience of it was like. We want to involve the patient more routinely than we currently do, says Mattias Hedman.

 The new linear accelerator at Stockholm South General Hospital is a Versa HD from Elekta.

The new linear accelerator at Stockholm South General Hospital is a Versa HD from Elekta