A gateway for testing at all Swedish university hospitals

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy tests and develops innovations in radiotherapy – new technology and new methods. Since the tests are conducted in an actual hospital environment, it will become apparent when innovations truly meet healthcare needs.

The result will be shorter development times – and innovations that truly meet the demands of the health care sector. And it will even drive the development of radiotherapy for cancer treatment.

Gateway for testing at all university hospitals

The testbed offers coordinated studies in the clinical setting at all university hospitals in Sweden, making it simple to gain access to the country’s collective resources – patient base, experts, various user environments and equipment. We also cooperate with county hospitals.

The testbed is currently under development, but is already able to handle requests for testing from health care and industry.

Platform for collaboration

The testbed is not a new healthcare organization, but a platform for collaboration – between Sweden’s university hospitals and between health care and industry.

Much of the work conducted within the testbed is already underway at various hospitals, but has yet to be coordinated among the regions. The idea is to avoid some duplication and to develop faster, which saves time and resources – and leads to greater flexibility. This is an opportunity to share both the workload and the results.

Crucial for meeting the demands of future cancer care

More efficient methods and nationwide coordination are crucial for meeting the demands of future cancer care. One person in three is afflicted by cancer – and within 20 years the number of cancer patients will double. In Sweden, access to care varies – as do the chances of survival – depending on where in the country we live. Indeed, there is a great need for both more effective treatments and for collaboration between healthcare regions.

More equitable care

Innovations jointly tested by Sweden’s hospitals can more easily be deployed within the healthcare organizations. The best technology and methods will spread more rapidly to all regions.

Gathers Sweden’s resources

Radiotherapy is highly specialized and places high demands on expertise, equipment and safety. Meanwhile, each individual hospital has a small patient base, while the expertise is spread throughout Sweden. Summoning nationwide resources accelerates research and development. And creates international competitiveness.

Effective treatment

Radiotherapy is effective – cost-effective and effective as a treatment modality. At the same time, radiotherapy is also an underutilized resource – and not just in Sweden. Demand is expected to increase. And all new technology and methods must be tested and quality assured.

 The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy will provide
  • more effective radiotherapy for cancer patients
  • equal access to care throughout Sweden
  • faster implementation of innovations in health care
  • a test environment for cutting edge research
  • shorter time to market for companies
  • increased international competitiveness for Swedish radiotherapy


The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy is being developed by Sweden’s university hospitals and Regional Cancer Centers in collaboration with leading specialized companies.