How it works – the Swedish Testbed step by step

Contact with the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy makes it easier to simultaneously coordinate testing in a clinical setting at multiple hospitals. We provide a gateway to every university hospital in Sweden along with support throughout the testing process. 


1. Idea management

The idea is received and evaluated:

  • The testbed receives a request to carry out a test project. The request may come from industry, academia or health care.
  • The idea is assessed: Is the innovation of interest and relevance to health care?

The test project is initiated:

  • Resources are mobilized.
  • Agreements are signed.

2. Test process

The test project is implemented:

  • The Testbed coordinates the involved testing sites (university hospitals and county hospitals).
  • The right medical expertise, the right patient material, various user environments, appropriate documentation.

Various comprehensive tests:

  • With or without patients
  • Innovations in different phases
  • Development and quality assurance

3. Results

  • Documentation that meets regulatory requirements
  • Completed on time according to agreement

Development of the product, service or solution to better meet health care needs and workflow demands.