ESTRO poster: National database for radiotherapy

The Swedish Testbed solution for comparable radiotherapy data – quality registry and national database solution for the entire country – was presented on a poster and in an abstract at the ESTRO* Forum in Barcelona April 24-28.

The National Database Solution subproject has shown that structured registration of radiotherapy data is a powerful tool for research, clinical assessment and reporting. The poster was presented by hospital physicists Anders Montelius, Uppsala University Hospital, and Tufve Nystrom, Norrland University Hospital.

A National Database Solution for Radiotherapy Quality Registries and Clinical Studies, results

  • A national Swedish naming convention (nomenclature) has been published by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. The convention is adapted to international standards and is currently implemented in the Swedish RT clinics.
  • The technical infrastructure has been verified, with transfer of information from clinical systems to the MIQA data base through DICOM and direct reading in the information systems, to the calculation of volumes and dose volume descriptors for target volumes and organs at risk to the national INCA database.
  • The installations of MIQA throughout Sweden have begun and according to plan it will be installed at all university hospitals during the first half of 2015.
  • A national quality registry for RT has been established and collects relevant quality parameters from most Swedish RT clinics.


A national IT solution for a structured registration of RT-data is a powerful tool for research, clinical evaluation and reporting.

* ESTRO –European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Anders Montelius and Tufve Nyholm

Authors: Anders Montelius, Uppsala University Hospital, and Tufve Nyholm, University Hospital of Umeå.