How it works – the Swedish Testbed step by step

Contact with the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy makes it easier to simultaneously coordinate testing in a clinical setting at multiple hospitals. We provide a gateway to every university hospital in Sweden along with support throughout the testing process. 


A gateway for testing at all Swedish university hospitals

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy tests and develops innovations in radiotherapy – new technology and new methods. Since the tests are conducted in an actual hospital environment, it will become apparent when innovations truly meet healthcare needs.


Discuss the Swedish Testbed at your clinic

– We would like to discuss how we can use the testbed together in the immediate future, says operational project manager Peter Söderman, who is looking forward to meeting with radiotherapy personnel all over Sweden.

Lars E Olsson, delprojektledare QA för MR-baserad strålterapi.

New MRI phantom to be tested at all university hospitals

It is important to measure and check all geometric distortions in the MRI images that are to be used as a basis for radiotherapy. “Quality control phantoms” are often used to study such distortions

Different types of tests

In the testbed, products, services and organisational solutions are evaluated in all phases of development. The tests can be more or less extensive, with or without patients.