Where are the bottlenecks in the implementation process?

Why do we sometimes fail to implement the best solution in the clinics? A new staff survey will reveal what obstacles are present – and make it easier to implement modern methods while phasing out old, outdated solutions. 


A gateway for testing at all Swedish university hospitals

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy tests and develops innovations in radiotherapy – new technology and new methods. Since the tests are conducted in an actual hospital environment, it will become apparent when innovations truly meet healthcare needs.

Swedish nomenclature for radiotherapy data

New Swedish nomenclature adopted by 12 of 15 clinics

Twelve of Sweden’s 15 radiotherapy clinics have begun to implement the new standardized Swedish nomenclature for external radiotherapy. Eight clinics have already fully implemented the nomenclature. A common nomenclature is a prerequisite for generating comparable national data.


Swedish quality registry for radiotherapy established

A national quality registry for radiotherapy data is now established in Sweden. It opens an array of new opportunities to investigate the results of different treatment methods, to monitor side effects over the long term and to compare the equipment and techniques used in Sweden’s clinics.


Pseudo-CT – when radiation dose is calculated by MRI

Currently, the radiation dose in radiotherapy is often calculated based on CT imaging. Such images provide a good understanding of how well the radiation dose is absorbed by the body. But what happens when only MRI images are available, which do not provide that particular information? One approach may be to find a substitute for CT.


Discuss the Swedish Testbed at your clinic

– We would like to discuss how we can use the testbed together in the immediate future, says operational project manager Peter Söderman, who is looking forward to meeting with radiotherapy personnel all over Sweden.

Jonas Gårding, Elekta, The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy

Clinical testing – faster, easier and more effective

– The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy allows us to test innovations in clinical settings faster, simpler and more effectively. Development times are shortened as we see if products actually meet the needs of the healthcare settings, says Jonas Gårding, Director of Research & Physics at Elekta.