About the testbed

Innovation and collaboration

Healthcare and industry are testing new technology and new methods in clinical settings – and jointly drive the development of cancer treatment with radiation therapy.

What we do

Facilitates testing in clinical settings

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy is a highly specialized testbed for innovative radiotherapy and quality assurance. It is also a platform for collaboration between healthcare providers and industry.

The testbed is used for developing products, services and organisational solutions that are needed – and demanded – in the healthcare sector. Companies test their innovations in relevant environments and can shorten their development process.

We welcome innovators from both industry and healthcare with an eye toward the international market. The testbed is under development, but is already receiving enquiries about testing. It will be an established operation by 2015. Read more about how the testbed works

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Further the field of radiotherapy

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy is a collaboration platform for tests in clinical settings. It is being developed jointly by healthcare and industry – all Swedish university hospitals, regional cancer centres and six specialist companies. To be established in 2015.

Gentle Radiotherapy is conducting applied research with a view to producing innovations. These may be tested in the Swedish Testbed. A joint investment from the healthcare sector, academia and industry.

The Skandion Clinic (pictured) is the first clinic for proton therapy in the Nordic countries. The clinic is being built in Uppsala and is run jointly by seven county councils. The first patient will be treated in 2015.

Added value for various groups

What's in it for me?

What is the added value that comes with the Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy?

Cancer patients: More effective and safer radiotherapy. A possibility to contribute to research and development.

Healthcare: Influence – the right technology and methods will be developed. Evidence to choose the best treatment method. Quicker implementation of innovations – innovations that are tested jointly by the hospitals can be distributed more easily among the health organisations.

Industry: A gateway to the university hospitals. Patients and users from all over the country. Shorter development times and greater competitiveness. International showcase.

Academia: Multicenter studies in clinical settings. Access to the most modern technology. Uniform database solution for effective analysis.